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At Hamilton Construction we are committed to minimizing the adverse impacts we have on our environment. With everything from our equipment and materials to our facilities to our project practices we strive to lead by example and GGBet no deposit bonus code 2024do what’s best for our planet.

Solar Power

We installed solar panels on the roof of our fabrication shop to supply up to 23% of the energy the shop requires. This solar array is estimated to offset an amount of carbon emissions equal to 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide or 209,000 gallons of gasoline.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

Hamilton uses environmentally aware hydraulic fluid in our pile driving hammers and many of our excavators. Made from high quality vegetable oils the biodegradable GGBet no deposit bonus code 2024and non-toxic fluid reduces the potential for environmental damage, as well as lowers remediation efforts and costs caused by spills or leakage.

Noise Attenuation

We regularly use bubble curtains when pile driving to minimize the harmful effect low frequency sound waves have on fish. Our team designed and produced a Hydroacoustic Dampening System we call the “bubbleator” to provide a safe working platform while significantly reducing sound wave emission.

Agency Coordination

ggbet reviewWe work hand-in-hand with regulatory agencies to reduce environmental impacts.

“Hamilton and their team are great contractors. When Hamilton says they will take measures to reduce impacts, they are implemented as discussed. The Hamilton Team has earned ODFW’s trust.”

– Jim Muck, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


Safety is our top priority at Hamilton. Our people, partners, and projects are the reason for our success, therefore it is critical and a part ggbet slotof our company culture and corporate policy to maintain safe work environments on all of our sites and locations. Our safety department provides safety training and ongoing safety awareness through our “See it – Say it – Fix it” program. The safety team maintains a corporate Health and Safety Plan, an Accident Prevention Plan, and implements site specific plans for each project site.

We take a mutually beneficial approach to encourage employee safety and support GGBet no deposit bonus code 2024local communities. When Hamilton employees collectively reach a set milestone of work hours without an injury on a project and/or at a location, the crew selects a local school to receive a grant to increase school safety. 


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is our top priority. 



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